Solar PV Plant Design Construction Operation & Maintenance Team   Professional, Quality, Safety, Integrity, and Responsibility


Taiwan is located in a harsh and changeable island-type environmental climate such as typhoons, earthquakes, heavy rainfall, and high salt corrosion. Therefore, the safety and permanence of facility structures and equipment are prerequisites that must be considered.
In view of this, the company operates in a strategic alliance to vertically integrate equipment manufacturers with a stable scale to strengthen the company's construction quality assurance and technical capabilities to maintain standards. trustworthy.
The management, design, and construction staff of the operation team have more than seven or eight years of professional experience, and have experience in various construction sites.
Location: Nantou Capacity: 299.40kW Date of completion: 107.02.26
Location: Taichung Capacity: 270.4kW Date of completion: 106.12.27
Location: Hsinchu Capacity: 349.50kW Date of completion: 106.11.22
Location: Hsinchu Capacity: 6.00kW Date of completion: 107.04.02
Location: Hsinchu Capacity: 499kW Date of completion: 105.10.19
Location: Nantou Capacity: 15.30kW Date of completion: 107.04.03
Team Introduction
One team, One Big family, One TLST
Various solar photovoltaic system businesses of the company are led and promoted by professional and technical personnel with more than ten years in the industry. Members of the design and construction team have more than seven years of professional technical experience.
Satisfying the needs of customers is the highest guiding principle of the company. Customers are always first. Creating the best value for customers is our task. It is our responsibility to build safety, stability and reliability of equipment. Professional technical services It is our expertise, integrity and responsibility are the philosophy and lifeblood of our company.
We pay attention to talents, and continue to invest resources to recruit and train potential industry professionals to provide excellent development opportunities. Establish and maintain a diverse, safe and respectful work environment.